(Black) Hawk Kite

  • It moves, soars and dives like a real hawk.
  • Starts to fly even in the slightest breeze.
  • Standard with 7-metre fibreglass post, it will then fly to a height of 12 metres.
  • Also available with 13-metre aluminium post, it will then fly to a height of 25 metres.

– Ackerbau
– Urban areas
– Buildings
– Terrace
– Roofs
– Allotment gardens
– Orchards
– Vegetable gardens
– Lawn
– Flowerbeds
– Car park
– Gardens
– Landfill sites

  • Extremely detailed and realistic fake hawk.
  • Flies almost 2x the height of the post.
  • Exploits the instinctive flight behaviour of animals when they see a hawk.
  • Extremely effective and quiet.
  • Easy to assemble and no further costs.
  • Hawk Kites are made by hand.